our vision

Our vision is to reduce all hospitality business waste and make them a better commercial sustainable business

Our values

  • We Develop IoT Products
  • High Low Cost
  • Innovation in Green Tech
  • No waste of resources

Our Commitment

  • Greenkode has signed up to an agreement to commit to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Target 12.3) through the WRAP’s Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.
  • The Food Waste Reduction Roadmap is a driving force to help reduce food waste in the UK’s hospitality sector. – Find out more
  • Target 12.3: “By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses.” – Read more

Our Mission

We strive for behavioural change within the HaFS 1 sector that contributes towards a circular economy

  1. HaFS – Hospitality and Food Service

Our team

Colin Higgs Co-founder of Greenkode

Hi, I am Colin Higgs. I am very fortunate to be part of a start-up company that originated from my MA in Entrepreneurship at Falmouth University and will make a difference in peoples lives. Our company is focused on reducing commercial food waste by developing a high-tech behavioural tool. Before starting this company I was about to embark on a PhD in using Soft Robotics of new Materials at Queen Mary University.

This opportunity arose through my initial three-month research on a PhD proposal thesis that focused on developing communication products by using and developing new Smart Materials. I have been fortunate enough to have conducted a MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University where I explored installation Arts by utilising Electronics, C++ and Java, JavaScript and Python coding for Machine Learning and Deep Learning control systems.

My industrial experience ranges from being an Art Director of new media design at Grey Advertising to working at the National Physics Laboratory for the Admiralty developing navigational training systems. My initial degree was from Exeter University in BSc in Physics. My interests range from sculpting in Steel, Ceramics and Stained Glass to programming Neural Networks. I have also lived and worked in Tokyo for over 15 years and love cooking Japanese food and speaking poor Japanese. 

Generative Physical Portfolio
Art and Design Portfolio
Branding and Sculpture
Film and TV portfolio

Personal Blog

Jess Fishburn Marketing Manager

Hi, my name is Jess Fishburn and I am excited to join Greenkode and its mission to reduce commercial food waste.

I have always had a passion for sustainable development and creating positive social change, with my previous experience being in events, marketing and administration for a number of environmental organisations and social enterprises. You can check out some of my roles at Linkedin below.

As a recent BSc Business graduate from the University of Exeter, I have research interests in innovation and the circular economy with my final dissertation focussing on innovation processes that enable businesses to address environmental challenges. During my time at university, I co-founded and ran the Women in Business Society which aims to build confidence and empower young professionals through various workshops and networking events. Our Sustainability Networking Event we hosted was where I first met James, later getting in touch to offer support to the start-up and am now excited to become part of the team and see it grow.

Since studying in Cornwall, I have fallen in love with the lifestyle and enjoy exploring the beautiful coastlines, regularly go sea swimming and badly attempt surfing from time to time

Aimee Rigby
Media Producer

Hi, I’m Aimee and I’m delighted to0 be working with Green Kode on their podcast, Zero Waste Kode.I have a background in podcasting and media, after completing my undergraduate degree in Journalism at Falmouth University (1st Hon).

I have worked on various podcasts with varying topics throughout my time at university and I am happy to be using my skills as a recent graduate. I will be studying a Master’s in Professional law in Birmingham this year, which I can’t wait to start!I am interested in the issue of zero-waste and plastic pollution, so I am excited to be learning more from a company who are so passionate about sustainability.

I try my best to re-use everything I can, but I know there is always more that we can do.I moved to Cornwall for university and plan to move back after my Master’s. The pace of living and scenery are very different to Birmingham- and I know which I prefer!

Sustainable Product Designer

Hi, my name is Cristian Brandiburg and I  joined Greenkode in 2021 as a sustainable product designer.

I am in charge of designing  the form factor of the devices and I will be manufacturing the prototypes in my workshop as well.

Prior to my collaboration with Greenkode, I have worked on many projects ranging from helping individuals with rapid prototyping services to helping a local company expand their portfolio into the 3D space with photorealistic renderings.

I am a third year student at Falmouth University, where I study sustainable product design. I currently live in Truro with my brother and I highly enjoy my time here . When I’m not keeping busy with digital design work, you can find me in the workshop tinkering with my machines or experimenting with new materials.

Over the course of my studies at Falmouth University I have gained invaluable insight into the world of design and rapid prototyping while having a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability of the products and manufacturing techniques.

My goal is to empower organisations and individuals in their pursuit for sustainable products and services.