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Green Tech Alliance

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So happy to be able join this community of support and sharing of tech for good ideas. Thank you!.


Really grateful to share a platform with like minded people with over 500 like-minded businesses. 

One of the hardest things to find for a new tech start-up is finding a support group who share similar values to our core vision. It is important for us to share the same vision with the companies we work with and also lending support and mentorship when needed.




A Little Of Our Story

Who we are and what we do

For the last decade the movement to create solutions in the fight against climate change has reshaped the world and given humanity an opportunity to use the power of community and technology to shape a vision of a sustainable future. We built the Greentech Alliance to connect the stakeholders who are true to this vision and who work tirelessly for our planet and its communities.

Facilitate networking between members, advisors and their external stakeholders;

Create new business opportunities for members;

Share awareness of, and access to, sources of funding;

Share knowledge and best practices about business and impact

Create new visibility opportunities for members, locally and internationally.

See Our Story

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