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The Future of Food: Alpha Food Labs, A Biodiverse Future

Greenkode Investigates the future of food by utilising biodiversity by focusing on the market leader in the field.

by Blue Fletcher/18th-May-2020

Who are they and what do they do?

The participating cooks all have very diverse backgrounds and cooking styles, but they all share a commitment to protecting agricultural biodiversity and to safeguarding gastronomic knowledge and local cultures. They cook in a huge range of different kitchens: in restaurants, inns and B&Bs, or more informal places like markets and street food stands.



We have completed the journey of the waste data getting to its final destination!

We have finally made the journey of recording our waste data on to our Amazon Web Services host and into a Dynamodb data base for further recording and analytics. This quite an achievement for us in providing an extremely cost effective service and solution. We solved the problem in a very clever way!

Greenkode investigates changes in the job market caused by the Coronavirus

by Mattie Stanton/25th-May-2020

We take a look at role reversals occurring due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the unexpected job vacancies evolving in the UK around the Coronavirus.

A conversation with Dr Bharat Pankhania a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School on COVID-19

by Jess Fishburn/25th-May-2020

We were very fortunate to have an opportunity to speak with Dr Bharat Pankhania. He gave us his informed opinion about what the UK is likely to experience over the next several months in dealing with the Coronavirus in the UK.

Stuffed animals at tables and sitting in greenhouses?

To help you prepare your business for possible reopening on the 4th of July, here are 13 ways restaurants are getting social distancing right from around the world. 

Following government confirmation that they plan to re-open some hospitality businesses from 4th July (if its five tests for controlling the spread of Covid-19 are being met). The social distance measures have not been made clear yet but will no doubt have an impact on businesses’ survival. Better to start planning now on how to operate within social distancing rules.


Are you sitting comfortably in a peaceful surrounding?

We are becoming more conscious of our lifestyle than ever before. For example, buying food that will last longer or cycling to places rather than taking public transport. Post-pandemic life could help us lead to a more sustainable society, and now is the best time to reflect on our lifestyle and find ways to reduce waste.

Watch this video for easy tips to lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Is there a possibility of a global environmental reboot once normality returns?

by Blue Flectcher/30th-May-2020

Can we regenerate our Environment at the same time we will need to reboot the Global Economy?

This week, we had the privilege to learn about biochar with the company Earthly Biochar: an incredible nature-based solution to climate change as a carbon-negative technology that the UK is seriously underutilising!

by Jess Fishburn /30th-May-2020

Discover more about biochar, what it is and how to make it!


The team continues to make progress in building the dashboard from home!

At GreenKode, we understand that as a chef you are not always going to carry a laptop around. But you are most likely to have your mobile phone in your pocket while cooking in the kitchen. We want to alert you whenever your food waste is over the limit without having to check it on your computer. Hence, we are making sure our dashboard works on mobile as well as desktop.

Our goal is to provide an excellent user experience to our hospitality friends.

The Future of Restaurants

In the first of a four-part video series, supported by Arla Pro, Hawksmoor co-founder Will Beckett and D&D London CEO Des Gunewardena discuss the restaurant world post lockdown.


This June, join thousands of people taking part in The Wildlife Trust’s annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild!

They want us to do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet. That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness. You’ll get a free, downloadable pack of goodies to help you plan your wild month, plus lots of ideas to inspire you to stay wild all throughout June (and beyond!).


Recently we caught up with fellow Cornwall-based entrepreneur, Raphaella Fearns, to learn about how her startup is progressing and their mission to restore biodiversity and food security.

Plotty is a seed sharing community platform, with a small team consisting of Raph as CEO and Alex Wilkes as CTO (Chief Technology Officer). As Raph likes to call the platform, it is a ‘seed bank without walls’.

by Jess Fishburn /6th-June-2020

Discover more about Plotty


Take a look at our prototype Digital 100kg industry waste weighing machine made from a Farmer’s machine part from re-purposed steel!

Please subscribe to our upcoming Bi-Monthly PodCast starts on 15th June

Greenkode is very excited to announce the start of our bi-monthly podcast which starts from 15th June. We are on 7 different podcast channels:

Please subscribe and rate us on: Our Trailer can be found here:








What is a circular economy and how is it beneficial?

We take a look at which country in the World has targeted a whole city in using renewable energy


Take a look at our prototype Digital 100kg industry waste weighing machine made from a Farmer’s machine part from re-purposed steel!
And the electronics housing and 
testing of the prototype.

Join us!

With Shane Holland of SlowFood discuss food issues in the UK.

First look at one of our features…

The team continues to make progress in building the dashboard from home! We are going to start hosting our dashboard soon to test out some user experiences!

Greenkode takes a look at the different research being conducted on plastic pollution around the world.

What is happening around in our World on plastic pollution Research.

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