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Greenkode investigates projects that are using Vertical Farming as a developing resource for our future

by Blue Fletcher/4th-May-2020

Have some fun whilst you’re at home by trying some simple but delicious new recipes!

Executive Chef Nick Hodges at The Greenbank Hotel has been running an online series ‘Nick’s Community Kitchen’. He shares his top tips for making your food go further, whilst doing what he does best – whipping up delicious dishes and cheering us all up.



The team continues to make progress in building the dashboard from home!

We have added a new feature on the dashboard, shown in the photo above.

Our lead software developer, James, tells us how through the navigation menu on the right-hand side you can select different times that will show the category of wastes from different locations. This feature allows you to monitor and keep track of your food waste.

In addition, James is using AWS services in the backend to receive data from the database which will be sent between the dashboard and the database and is encrypted, providing a secure connection.

Ever wondered what kinds of materials can we derive from trees, while still respecting nature?

We have found a cool book full of inspiration, test recipes at home, in workshops or chemistry labs, and develop your own experiments! From researchers at Aalto University, the CHEMARTS Cookbook offers both simple and more advanced ideas and recipes for hands-on experiments with wood-based materials.



We continue our journey of building our Electrical MVP from Home!

Colin has successfully sent out our prototype weighing data onto Amazon Web (Cloud Data) Services.

He has successfully managed to both record and send out the weight data using a SIM card electrical component which establishes a GPRS connection (internet protocol) to connect directly with AWS services. This means we have completed the production loop. We have taken data from a weighing device situated within a ‘commercial kitchen’ and recorded it and sent out the weight data to AWS which will then be set up within AWS as a series of tables.

Managing our self-isolation: music, mood and solidarity

Mattie Stanton investigates the the healing properties of using music during our self-isolation

by Mattie Stanton/11th-May-2020

Can we tackle both climate change and Covid-19 recovery?

The Financial Times asks leading commentators and policymakers what to expect from a post-COVID-19 future. In a recent article, Christiana Figueres (former UN climate secretariat) argues that we cannot afford to ignore the climate crisis in tackling Covid-19. On the contrary, Benjamin Zycher (resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute) argues that green policies will only have a damaging effect on economic recovery.


Did you know…you can eat banana peel?!

This week we learnt that we no longer need to be throwing those yellow skins in the bin. Max La Manna, zero-waste chef, taught us how to make some yummy chocolate banana croissants then, using the peel, how to cook up them up into ‘pulled pork’!


The Future of Food: Alpha Food Labs, A Biodiverse Future

Greenkode Investigates the future of food by utilising biodiversity by focusing on the market leader in the field.

by Blue Fletcher/18th-May-2020

Tom Westerland

A conversation with Tom Westerland, National Award Winning Chef 2018, during COVID-19

Tom tells us his experience of lockdown, how it has impacted his job, what he is doing to overcome the situation and what could be the future for the indus

by James Tang/18th-May-2020


We have added a new feature on the dashboard!

This feature allows you to add capping to your food waste, sending a warning alert when it is over the limit. You can add a limit to different categories of waste throughout the year, so it can be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

At GreenKode, we understand how challenging it is for chefs and restaurant managers to keep the level of food waste under control. This feature will encourage the whole team to work together to reduce food waste and keep costs low during this difficult time.

Join Tevi this Wednesday to find out how COVID-19 is impacting the Local Industrial Strategy

This session convenes some of the county’s key policymakers to answer these questions and to highlight precisely how Cornish SMEs, and the dynamic individuals that run them, can make a difference.



Who are they and what do they do?

The participating cooks all have very diverse backgrounds and cooking styles, but they all share a commitment to protecting agricultural biodiversity and to safeguarding gastronomic knowledge and local cultures. They cook in a huge range of different kitchens: in restaurants, inns and B&Bs, or more informal places like markets and street food stands.



We have completed the journey of the waste data getting to its final destination!

We have finally made the journey of recording our waste data on to our Amazon Web Services host and into a Dynamodb data base for further recording and analytics. This quite an achievement for us in providing an extremely cost effective service and solution. We solved the problem in a very clever way!

Greenkode investigates changes in the job market caused by the Coronavirus

by Mattie Stanton/25th-May-2020

We take a look at role reversals occurring due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the unexpected job vacancies evolving in the UK around the Coronavirus.

A conversation with Dr Bharat Pankhania a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School on COVID-19

by Jess Fishburn/25th-May-2020

We were very fortunate to have an opportunity to speak with Dr Bharat Pankhania. He gave us his informed opinion about what the UK is likely to experience over the next several months in dealing with the Coronavirus in the UK.

Stuffed animals at tables and sitting in greenhouses?

To help you prepare your business for possible reopening on the 4th of July, here are 13 ways restaurants are getting social distancing right from around the world. 

Following government confirmation that they plan to re-open some hospitality businesses from 4th July (if its five tests for controlling the spread of Covid-19 are being met). The social distance measures have not been made clear yet but will no doubt have an impact on businesses’ survival. Better to start planning now on how to operate within social distancing rules.


Are you sitting comfortably in a peaceful surrounding?

We are becoming more conscious of our lifestyle than ever before. For example, buying food that will last longer or cycling to places rather than taking public transport. Post-pandemic life could help us lead to a more sustainable society, and now is the best time to reflect on our lifestyle and find ways to reduce waste.

Watch this video for easy tips to lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.


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